IAH Awards

The IAH executive is inviting nominations for its Groundwater Industry Awards. With these awards, we will celebrate, honour, and support IAH members for their outstanding contributions to the industry. This includes: 

  • Groundwater industry excellence
  • IAH groundwater innovation and technology
  • IAH groundwater professional
  • IAH Early Career award 
  • IAH student award
  • Best groundwater photo
Nomination Process – DATE EXTENDED 

Financial IAH members may nominate themselves or other financial IAH members by submitting a nomination form by midnight WA time (GMT+8) Friday the 2nd Sept 2022.  

Completed nomination forms are to be sent to secretariat@iah.org.au

Selection Process 

Judging is based upon the individual merit of each entry against the six award categories, and a selection committee will be Chaired by the IAH President. 

Awards Presentation and Ceremony 

Winners will receive an IAH hydrogeology award trophy presented at the conference dinner, prize money, recognition on IAH website and marketing materials, and invitation to speak at IAH event in 2023. Recipients will be publicly acknowledged through appropriate print and electronic communication vehicles via the AGC2021, IAH and NCGRT. 

Award Night – Conference Dinner 

The 2022 IAH Groundwater Industry Awards will be presented at the Conference Dinner held at The Brew House, The Island at Elizabeth Quay on Tuesday 22 November 2022, 1830 – 2230.

Award Criteria

Submit a Nomination - DATE EXTENDED

Download and complete the nomination form and sent to secretariat@iah.org.au by midnight WA time (GMT+8) Friday the 2nd Sept 2022.

An individual or group that has been made a significant contribution to a groundwater project that has: 

  • Achieved (or is set to achieve) an improvement in the quality, understanding of,sustainability of or utility of a groundwater resource. 
  • Met challenges by applying some or all of the following qualities: strong technicalrigour; stakeholder consultation and engagement; team collaboration; project management skills; and persistence. 
  • Been largely finalised within the last 24 months that was conducted in (or that hasrelevance to) Australasia. 

An individual or group that has: 

  • Presented the hydrogeology community with new knowledge or technology withapplication in the groundwater industry; and/or 
  • Demonstrated effective communication of new findings and their value to industry.

An individual that has: 

  • Made a significant contribution to the groundwater industry over their career.
  • Shared their knowledge with the greater groundwater community, including IAHtechnical presentations and training. 
  • Advanced the knowledge of peers in the industry – including formal and informalmentoring. 
  • Advanced groundwater regulations, practices, technologies, research, sampling,testing and/or assessments. 

A groundwater professional with ≤5 years’ experience in the industry, currently living and/or working in Australia/Australasia, that has: 

  • Sought to increase their personal knowledge in hydrogeology.
  • Actively engaged with peers in the industry.
  • Demonstrated success in their role on a project involving groundwater.

An Australasian undergraduate or postgraduate student that: 

  • Exhibits a high level of academic success and enthusiasm in the field of hydrogeology;and/or 
  • Have demonstrated hydrogeology skills in a project area or other area of research.

An individual’s photo that represents: 

  • A novel, elegant or dramatic means of visualising groundwater; and/or
  • The nature and purpose of the groundwater industry.
  • Description to be inserted into abstract box